Grażyna Plebanek

A professional career or a child? Business trips or building towers from toy blocks? Are the roles of a mother, wife and business woman reconcilable without pain?

Such is the model promoted by media, but Marta, a thirty-year-old heroine of the novel learns that it is a falsehood that has nothing to do with real life. Helping her make key decisions are three friends and her mother, grandmother and twin sister. Each woman had made different choices of her own, determining the way they see what Marta should do. Will Marta find enough strength to rid herself of their influence and seek her own path? It is a tale of a modern woman, who has to cope with constantly growing pressure of expectations of those around her and who has to deal with the clashing needs of her family, friends and her boss. It is also a brilliant and funny story about discovering oneself and searching for one's identity and balance in life.

photo by Stephan Vanfleteren