Grażyna Plebanek - writer, author of best-selling novel "Illegal Liaisons" (Stork Press 2012, U.S. edition by New Europe Books in autumn 2013) (see Publishers Weekly review), named "Best of 2012" by These Little Words. She also wrote "Girls from Portofino" (WAB 2005) as well as "Box of Stilettos" (2002, WAB 2006), "A Girl Called Przystupa"(WAB 2007) and "The Robber Maid's Daughters" (WAB 2012). Her latest novel, "The Boxer", was published on May 21, 2014.

A French transaltion of excerpts of Plebanek's novels is available here


In the autumn of 2013, Grażyna Plebanek went on a promotional tour of "Illegal Liaisons" in the United States and Canada, starting with the International Festival of Authors (IFOA) in Toronto. Photos.


She has a regular column in the respected Polish weekly "Polityka". Plebanek has worked as a journalist for Reuters News Agency and for Poland' biggest daily "Gazeta Wyborcza". She now publishes articles in the "Wysokie Obcasy" (High Heels) weekly supplement of Gazeta Wyborcza, "Wysokie Obcasy Extra", in "Magazyn Literacki", the "Lampa" literary monthly, "Newsweek", "Elle", as well as "Trendy".

She is the author of short stories published in the following anthologies: "Dziewczynskie bajki na dobranoc" (Girls' good-night stories, AMEA 2008), "Zaraz wracam" (Back shortly, Centrum Kultury Zamek, 2008), "Projekt mezczyzna (Project Man, wydawnictwo Delikatesy, 2009), "Piatek, 2:45" (Friday, 2:45, Filar 2010), "Whims" (Swiat Ksiazki 2012)

Born in Warsaw, Plebanek has lived for five years in Stockholm and she now lives in Brussels. She is among a group of international artists whose portraits will be exhibited in Brussels Gare del'Ouest for the next 10 years.


photo by Stephan Vanfleteren