Publication of Plebanek's new book 'The Robber Maid's daughters'

Femininity no expiration date ...

We are seen as women when we are between 15 and 35 years old - that's the verdict of the culture we live in. As long as we are fertile, and better still - pretty, we are on a pedestal. But what happens before and after?
Tales offer the stepmother from Snow White, a mature woman, ready to kill out of jealousy of youth. I don't like this character. That's why I wrote about women who refuse to be forced into this model. Theu prove with their life and their work that femininity has no expiration date. They show that after giving birth and raising a family, life is for us. Before and during these things as well.
Writers, dancers, journalists, psychotherapists, aristocrats, wet nurses and, above all, mothers and daughters give us models of strong femininity. Femininity based on the conviction of one's own strength, not the britle foundation of youth or beauty. Their memoirs, novels, and notes reveal that the refusal to be a "good girl"  has been with us for a long time. It is an undercurrent that produced waves of feminism. It should now flow smoothly.

To be yourself, you have to cultivate an internal rebellion. The Rober Maid's Daughter and Gerda, the heroines from progressive Scandinavia created by J. Ch Andersen, open the line of characters whcih mainstream culture wanted stashed away in the closet. Held forcibly closed, the closet opened anyway and fell, instead of skeletons, full blooded women.

"The Robber Maid's Daughters" is a autobiographical non-novel that tells of my encounters with these impressive, strong women. Such as we get to meet in life as well. I invite you to meet them.


photo by Stephan Vanfleteren