The premiere of the play "Mme. Fury"

The play "Mme Fury" is a story of a difficult relationship between a daughter and her father. Eddie, a storyteller from Kinshasa, emigrates with his family to Belgium, but the move seems to leave everybody in the family worse off. The mother feels estranged in Brussels, and Eddie gradually loses his gift of telling stories, the new city does not inspire him.

At first, the children feel different, alien in a world that looks and tastes different. With time, they will fight for their place there, sometimes resorting to violence. A sense of being foreign will always accompany them. Just like the need to belong - to a nation, a family, a professional group.

The latter will use this need for their own purposes, play on it, manipulate a sense of loyalty. It's about a desperate fight of opposites, about attracting and rejecting gender, race, culture and stereotypes in Europe in times of migration, economic and cultural changes. At the center of this story is a girl, a woman forced to make continuous choices in this indistinct reality. And anger, which she can not show.


photo by Stephan Vanfleteren