The Boxer
Grażyna Plebanek
ISBN: 978-83-280-0929-5

Lu, a Polish woman, moves to Brussels to follow her married Belgian lover. Brought up in a romantic tradition, she has to decide if she should sacrifice herself for love. She leaves her lover, enjoys “a sex-buddy phase”, then falls in love with a Belgian-Congolese charismatic slam poet and former radio journalist who popularized the Congolese and African cultural heritage in Belgium - a subject not taught in history lessons. This time Lu is not “all for love”. She becomes an amateur boxer. 

The fighting art allows her to connect with her body, feel her power. Lu begins to decipher what she wants, starts to follow her own voice. The story gives a glimpse of the post-colonial Belgian society with its unresolved trauma of king Leopold's ghost as seen through the eyes of a woman who's nation used to be colonized rather than colonise itself.

photo by Stephan Vanfleteren