Brussels. Animalism in the City - coming soon!
Grażyna Plebanek

The new "capital of Europe". Trampled by officials of the European Parliament, inhabited by old, very wealthy rentier families, but also screaming with modern street art and as stunningly diverse as the Tower of Babel.

"Brussels. Animalism in the City" is a subjective guide to places that you will not find on the list of the most popular European monuments. These are attempts to search for wildness right next to the center of the European rule of law. In a city where makeup can be removed, take off your fancy clothes and high heels. Where you can rummage in old antique shops and find treasures in them. Grażyna Plebanek - a vigilant observer, sharp in her judgments, sometimes harsh and sometimes surprisingly tender - shows how the lack of rooting and being a stranger translates into perceptiveness and cultural freedom. As an immigrant who has lived in Brussels for many years, she advises: when exploring this city, avoid the obvious tourist attractions, do not take the buses that will take you to the most important monuments. Instead, rely on your instincts: take a deep breath and follow your nose. Track, search, get lost and find. Look for the non-obvious, which will make it deviate from the route. Draw your own maps. Be like Zinneke - a carelessly mischievous and brave mutt who knows all the streets here.

photo by Stephan Vanfleteren