"Illegal Liaisons" Grazyna Plebanek
autor: Marta Mizuro
źródło: empik.com

Illegal, because the emotion, born in the capital of the European Union - Brussels, is between people involved formally with other partners

Megi and Jonathan are well-educated Poles, European in every detail, even their names. She is an EU official and the breadwinner of the family. He is a writer, who, in this situation, has to take over domestic chores. Which he does, until, at a party, he meets the beautiful journalist Andrea.
What is it that Andrea wants? Why is Megi so passive? And how will Jonathan find his way out of an emotional mess? These are questions to which the author provides really surprising answers.
I have waited for years for a novel like that from a Polish writer. It is incredibly courageous, especially in depicting sexuality and insightful in deconstructing real, not stereotypical masculinity and femininity today.


Plebanek shows none of the typically female exaltation and is not trying to be sweet and sentimental. Her prose is not masculine or feminine in spirit, but profoundly human. That is why I recommend it especially to men.


photo by Stephan Vanfleteren